Corvus Editions, 2015

IMG_9066The most important part of this update is the news that Corvus Editions will resume a regular publishing schedule this year—or, more precisely, adopt a regular publishing schedule for the first time in years—and is offering subscriptions and sustainer options. Check out the SUBSCRIPTIONS tab for basic details and payment options.

2014 was a rebuilding year for most of my projects, and Corvus activity was largely limited to some experiments with packaging and an extension of the catalog to include some non-political material. In 2015, I expect to be primarily focused on a number of other publishing projects. (For a general overview, check my year-end review Contr’un blog.) But I’ve also had a lot of opportunity to think about the various stages of the project and try to work out a fairly modest plan for the following year.

My focus will be a core catalog of five pamphlets per month, carefully selected from the material that I’m working with, which I think will be of interest to just about anyone who is likely to be interested in Corvus Editions. The goal is to make those monthly bundles chapters in a general education on anarchism, with occasional diversions into the realms of science and science fiction. I’ve set myself five basic goals for each month of publications:

  1. To introduce at least one anarchist figure in a representative anthology.
  2. To publish material which demonstrates the interests of anarchism beyond political philosophy and economics.
  3. To publish some fiction and/or poetry.
  4. To publish works by radical women.
  5. To publish material relating to my “core” projects (Proudhon, Bakunin, pre-1880 anarchism) or featuring my own writing.

Some pamphlets may cover more than one of these self-imposed requirements, but hitting all of them in some way each month seems essential to introducing readers to anarchism as I have learned to understand it.

There will be some pamphlets not included in the basic bundle, which will be sent to subscribers at the $35/month level and will be available individually. Subscriber bundles will also sometimes include miscellaneous shorter translations or articles of interest.

I’ll post details about the January releases in a couple of days.

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