Summer 2014 pdfs, Part I

IMG_9065It’s been a long time since I’ve updated things here, as the Corvus Editions project, along with the rest of my various projects, has been going through a long rethinking. Slowly, but surely, things are starting to come together, as I learn the lessons of the several previous phases here. I had a very short book fair season this year, with just two stops over three months, but some of the new titles are, I think, quite good.

  • The Bulletin of the Bakunin Library is one of two new periodical titles, established to support major translation efforts. With the Bakunin Library project now well under way and the initial Bakunin Reader (forthcoming from PM Press) nearing completion, it made sense to put together something that can serve as a taste of what is coming, combining working drafts of some material that will appear in the printed volumes with facsimile pages, miscellaneous texts and other interesting odds and ends.
  • Proudhoniana is the sister-title, sort of a bulletin for a translation project that I would love to begin once the Bakunin Library project is farther along. The plan is to publish a lot of the bibliographical work necessary to adequately plan a serious Proudhon Library, along with new translations and interpretive material. The first issue, “Feuding Brothers and Sisters,” is a bit of a hodgepodge, but the odd assortment is organized around a theme of conflict among allies, an issue never far from the minds of those of us involved in the reevaluation of Proudhon.
  • The Life and Teachings of St.-Ravachol, the Violent Christ of Anarchy is a collection of writings by Ravachol, mostly from his time in prison, during his trials and prior to his execution. It is part of a larger work-in-progress engaging with the Ravachol myth and the realities of his life.
  • The Contr’un zine has been an occasional compilation of material from various of my blogs and social media conversations since the beginning of the “Year without Mutualism” and the retiring of The Mutualist, which had fulfilled a similar role. A version of The Mutualist is due for relaunch soon, but Contr’un will continue to document the general trajectory of my online writing. The issues so far are: 1) Toward an Ungovernable Anarchism; 2) Self-Government and the Citizen-State, which includes the English version of a book chapter on Proudhon’s theory of the State that I published in a German-language collection; 3) The Anarchic Encounter, exploring Proudhon’s conception of the anarchist “social system;” 4) There & Back Again, which covers, among other things, some of my explorations of the recently digitized Proudhon manuscripts; and Special A) Mutualism: AMA, which contains my responses from a Reddit “ask me anything” session on “neo-Proudhonian mutualism.”
  • Individualism and Socialism, and other writings on the Doctrine of Humanity combines Pierre Leroux’s important essay, in which he coined the terms individualisme and socialisme in French, with other essays exploring Leroux’s philosophy, which influenced Proudhon, Joseph Déjacque, William B. Greene and other anarchists.
  • The Revolution and Other Writings includes “The Revolution,” “The Electoral Law,” and “To the Point! To Action!!” by Anselme Bellegarrige, and “Anselme Bellegarrigue,” by Joseph Noulens.

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